Oak Grove-Bellemeade opened the doors to the new building in January 2013. The school has come together from their separate buildings where the school's name originated. Currently, Oak Grove-Bellemeade Elementary School serves approximately 675 students in PreK - 5.  

The 2nd-5th grade building, Oak Grove on Ingram Ave. was originally named for the community in which it was located. The original building started as an eight-room building which was annexed from Chesterfield County in 1914, the year after it was constructed.  As the community grew, so did the school building through many additions. 

The Kindergarten & 1st grade building, Bellemeade, built in 1918, was also named for the community in which it was located. It was on Webber Ave. next to the current building.


Oak Grove Elementary School was established in 1913. 


Oak Grove Elementary School was acquired in 1914 (by annexation from Chesterfield County).

New Building Opened

January 2013


"Student Achievement is Our Number One Priority!"


Teddy Bears


Blue & White 

Mission: Cultivate Excellence for Every Child, Every Day!

The mission of Oak Grove-Bellemeade is to create a pathway to lifetime success where students thrive and grow to their full potential through respect and challenging, engaging learning experiences guided by highly qualified, passionate educators in partnership with families and communities. 


At Oak Grove-Bellemeade Elementary School we are preparing our students to reach their maximum potential while becoming responsible citizens and lifelong learners. 

Oak Grove – Bellemeade Affirmation 

I am a member of the Oak Grove- Bellemeade family.

I am the hope for our future.

I help others and maintain order.

I see possibilities!

I set high expectations for myself and others.

H. O. P. E.

Hope for you and hope for me!


Our School Counselors, Mrs. Jenkins and Mrs. Faison, has developed a Social Emotional Learning Curriculum (SEL) for our Pre-K to 5th students through a virtual site as well as in person weekly classroom visits. 

Additionally, all teachers are presented with opportunities throughout the day to reinforce these SEL practices with their students.


Oak Grove- Bellemeade continuously develops and implements strategies that facilitate optimal learning opportunities for all children guided by our goals through RPS. To read more, visit this link here.