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Mind Games

Mind Games has two goals: to promote intellectual skills through friendly competition and to build the self-confidence of the contestants. There are no losers in Mind Games! Everyone selected to participate is a winner. The real object of the games is for the students to compete skillfully and cooperate as a team to do their best.

Each school has 2 teams consisting of 7 students. One team is made up of 2nd & 3rd grade students and the other is made up of 4th & 5th grade students. This year’s competition will take place at the Arthur Ashe Center on April 20th and 21st. 

There are 4 categories for the competition:

P3: Puzzles, Pieces, Possibilities

Productive Thinking



Space Program

Special Programs for Academic and Creative Excellence. The Space Program is the program offered for gifted and talented students in Richmond Public Schools. Gifted Programs were established by the Virginia Department of Education to provide extended and enriched educational opportunities for those students who consistently perform above the level of their peers.