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December 2023 Newsletter 

The mission of Oak Grove-Bellemeade Elementary School is to shape our future leaders, therefore; we strive to provide the best possible academic program while modeling expectations for global, productive citizens. As a team, we strive to develop and maintain a holistic approach to fulfill our mission. This approach encompasses the mastery of the Standards of Learning objectives in the four core subject areas, the arts, technology, character development, a partnership with the community at large, and a willing participation from the staff.

Our vision: As the school counselor, our role is to advocate for the students. It is our responsibility to work collaboratively with educators, parents, administrators, and other school and community members to foster, promote and improve our student’s opportunities for their success and achievement. Our goal is to guide each student to reach success in their personal/social, academic and career development. We reach our students through school wide programs, small group counseling, individual counseling and classroom guidance lessons.

What does the School Counselor do? We….

  • Help student resolve problems which interfere with learning

  • Increase knowledge of self and others

  • Help students with emotional awareness

  • Provide bullying prevention and intervention

  • Offer crisis intervention and prevention

  • Attend meetings with parents and teachers as requested

  • Facilitate educational and career exploration

  • Are members of the School Crisis Team

  • Provide referrals to community agencies to assist students facing personal or family concerns outside the scope of the school counseling program

  • Collaborate with parents to provide strategic advice on, but not limited to: academics, personal and social development, middle school preparation and Specialty School (Inter Baccalaureate and Franklin